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The New Life

Girls Names

The New Life 12" vinyl
Now expanded to a four piece with a more progressive and expansive sound, Girls Names' new single The New Life clocks in at over 7 minutes and takes you on a journey that mirrors the feelings of a band living and working in economy stricken Northern Ireland - the perfect soundtrack of the bleakness to where they exist. The B-side is a mesmerizing, dubbed-out JD Twitch Optimo remix of the single. [more info + MP3s]


The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

Jeremy 7"
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are back with their first new recordings since last year's superb Belong. With this single they've chosen to pay tribute to two of their key influences, covering songs by The Magnetic Fields and East River Pipe. As always The Pains are on fire here -- both songs are full of buzzing guitars and bursting with energy. An excellent addition to The Pains' discography, and one that definitely makes us anxious for their next record. [more info + MP3s]

Northern Lights

Allo Darlin'

The superbly jangly "Northern Lights" is the third single to be taken from Allo Darlin's excellent second album Europe. Written about a New Year's Eve spent in Sweden the song somehow manages to imbue a wintery scene with a sweet breath of sunshine as Elizabeth Morris' voice rings out clear as a bell and Paul Rain's guitar melodies shine brightly. It's backed by "Golden Age," a B-side which seems to exist simply to prove that Allo Darlin' have super-catchy melodic pop gems to burn. All copies pressed on orange vinyl. [more info + MP3s]

Catch Your Cold

Evans The Death

Evans The Death are back with this ace new single, truly on the the highlights on an album that's full of them. Insanely catchy and bursting with youthful energy, "Catch Your Cold" is the kind of tune that makes you realize that there is still plenty of joy to be found in good old guitar pop. Look out too for B-side "Crying Song" for which the band persuaded comedian Stewart Lee to sob uncontrollably over their rambunctious musical backing. All copies on white vinyl with a cool silver-embossed sleeve. [more info + MP3s]

Night Swim

Frankie Rose

Night Swim CD EP
To cap off Frankie's amazing 2012 we're offering this FREE ep that features "Night Swim" from her brilliant Interstellar album, plus two demos and remixes from Fort Romeau and The Go! Team. Free with purchase of the LP or CD, or for the cost of postage and handling if you have the album already. [more info + MP3s]

Enterprising Sidewalks


DC's Lorelei are back with their first album since 1994 and they haven't lost a step. Their distinctive blend of post-rock dynamics, sneakily melodic song-writing and ear-blasting guitar noise is 100% intact, and is paired with some very sophisticated song-writing. Rich with rhythmic twists and melodic intrigue, the ten songs on this new album stand tall as Lorelei's best material yet. Excellent. [more info + MP3s]

Girls Names/Weird Dreams split

various artists

Fantastic split featuring two non-album tunes from these exciting young bands. With "A Troubled See" Girls Names continue the evolution of their sound into something leaner and darker, charting a course between early Echo & The Bunnymen and David Bowie's Low. Weird Dreams' contribution "House of Secrets" is a perfect match - a slow-burning, sinister lullaby, buoyed by an insistent and spidery guitar line. Their next album should be VERY interesting indeed! [more info + MP3s]

Wild Peace

Echo Lake

Wild Peace LP/CD/LP bundle
Brilliant debut album by this London band that ably combines tripped-out psychedelic pop (think Deerhunter or Spiritualized) with dense layers of guitar noise and catchy song-writing. The overall vibe is pastoral, perfectly treading the boundary between atmospherically hypnotic and shimmeringly poppy. Add in flawlessly hazy production and subtly driving rhythm and you have one of the best dream-pop albums in recent memory. Gorgeous. [more info + MP3s]

A January Moon

The June Brides

We are absolutely thrilled to herald the return of these UK pop legends, helmed by the inimitable Mr Phil Wilson. The June Bride's 80s heyday produced some of the finest pop records of the era, and we're happy to say that with this new single they pick right up where they left off. "A January Moon" is as fine a pop record as we'll hear all year, bristling with melody and sharp pop smarts. Welcome back! [more info + MP3s]


Allo Darlin'

Europe 7"
The second single from Allo Darlin's superb second album is none other than the title track, Europe. It's lovely celebration of togetherness and band unity in the face of the tedium and hard graft of life on the road. The B-side is an alternative version of the song Some People Say, recording during the mostly abandoned original album recording sessions in Manchester. It's a slower version than the album version, and is quite beautiful. [more info + MP3s]



True CD
Amazing album that stakes out a totally unique place in the dream-pop landscape. Combining the sonic guitar-driven sound of bands like Pale Saints and Boo Radleys with stellar song-writing, peerless arranging and lovely 60s-tinged vocal harmonies, Violens have managed to create a truly new sound. Tunes like "Totally True", and "Der Microarc" are at once visceral and ethereal, typical of an album that delivers some of the most accomplished, powerful and challenging pop you'll hear this year. [more info + MP3s]


Black Tambourine

Never say never! To commemorate and help finance their Spring 2012 reunion, Black Tambourine decided to do some recording, and this tribute to one of their favorite inspirations, Ramones, is the result. Four great tunes spread across two 7" vinyl records, this EP is a fine addition to the band's catalog. A lot of thought went into these interpretations, each one bearing the band's unique stamp. From the chaotic noise-pop blur of "I Want You Around" to the dreamy version of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend", OneTwoThreeFour, these songs could have fit in perfectly on any of Black Tambourine's original records. Featuring guest backing vocals from Linda Smith, Rose Melberg, Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls and Jenny Robbins from Honeymoon Diary. [more info + MP3s]

Backstreet Pages

English Singles

Excellent four song debut from this great Sacramento band. Containing members of bands like The Bananas, Ski Instructors, Bright Ideas and Nar, this is some top-notch DIY pop that will scratch that TVPs/McTells/Cause Co-Motion! itch just fine. With added flavor provided by angular 12-string guitar leads, English Singles have been described as a cross between Buzzcocks and Razorcuts and we concur. Top quality. [more info + MP3s]

Evans The Death

Evans The Death

The eagerly-awaited debut album from Evans The Death more than delivers on the promise of their brilliant "Threads" and "Telling Lies" singles. Tough, smart pop that touches on the best bits of Brit-Pop (Echobelly, Sleeper), Pulp, The Long Blondes and The Pixies. Great song-writing combined with noisy, passionate playing and Katherine's amazing vocals all add up to uniquely assured debut. [more info + MP3s]


Allo Darlin'

Europe LP/CD
The stellar follow-up to their excellent 2009 debut. Achingly personal, incredibly poignant and familiar all at once, Elizabeth Morris' songwriting has deepened and developed since their debut, serving only to enhance the band's ability to create sophisticated, intelligent pop music with an uplifting, joyous feel. Featuring the singles "Capricornia" and "Europe", this beautiful album is one of the finest, most complete pop records in recent memory. [more info + MP3s]

Totally True


Absolutely gorgeous pop from this Brooklyn three-piece whose music eludes classification, expertly blending percussive guitar work and silky harmonies in a way reminiscent of 90s sonic pop forebears like Pale Saints, Lush, McCarthy and The Chameleons. The lovely vocals on "Totally True" have an almost 60s feel; their debt to such soft-rock touchstones as The Association and Sagittarius is one of the many unique elements of Violens' sound. The non-album b-side "Something Falling" is a dreamy ballad marked by an effectively spare production, sweeping synths and the band's trademark harmonies. [more info + MP3s]

My Heart Beats

Veronica Falls

The first new Veronica Falls tunes since their amazing debut album! My Heart Beats is packed with all the rhythmic verve and melodic power that we've come to expect from the band, sitting comfortably next to album tunes like "Right Side of My Brain" and "Come On Over." Fierce and immediate, it refines the band's melodic mystery with a new-found clarity. Their trademark vocal harmonies are pushed to the fore, marking this as their most perfectly potent bit of pop tune-smithery yet. On the flip, "Killing Time" is a minimal, dreamy tune enhanced by a mesmerizing organ line and gently thumping drums. [more info + MP3s]



Totally fantastic power-pop from Ben Cook Aka Young Guv (Fucked Up, Marvelous Darlings, The Bitters) and Marvelous Mark Fosco (Marvelous Darlings). Four smash shits that wouldn't sound out of place on any great mix tape from 1977, 1987 or even 2012. Radio hits in some weird parallel universe where The Raspberries are on Midnight Special every week and Bram Tchaikovsky is still in The Records. [more info + MP3s]

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