Don't You Rise

The Bats

Don't You Rise

SLR 90 » released October 2009

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

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1. That's How You Found Me
2. You Don't Belong Here
3. Don't You Rise
4. Face Inside The Sun

The Bats are legends of New Zealand music, standing tall alongside contemporaries The Clean and The Chills as linchpins of the Flying Nun label and the Dunedin/Christchurch scene. Over the course of 25 years, 7 albums and 4 world tours, the original line-up of Robert Scott, Malcolm Grant, Paul Kean and Kaye Woodward remains intact and still creating vital pastoral pop gems. Combining Robert's mantric-like guitar pick and strum, bouncing bass with a twist from Paul, melodic hooks from Kaye on guitar and Malcolm's snappy beats, the combination of musical ingredients works perfectly - effortlessly. The band's reputation is sterling; based on legendary albums like Daddy's Highway and Silverbeet and their energetic live shows, The Bats have an enthusiastic world-wide fanbase who treasure the band's continued excellence.

The Don't You Rise EP gathers up four tunes from 1998 and 2003, helping to complete the discographical picture leading up to the release of their current album, The Guilty Office. Featuring the electric violin on Alastair Galbraith (who last featured on The Bats' Law of Things), "That's How You Found Me" would fit in perfectly on any classic Bats album and mesmerized with its folk-pop groove. "You Don't Belong" is a moody gem, while "Don't You Rise"'s country-inflected strum is a live favorite. "Face Inside The Sun" rounds out the record in fine form, a mid-tempo sing-along that sounds straight off of Daddy's Highway. A pretty special EP then, and ample evidence that 25 years after forming, The Bats still earn their legendary status.

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