Beatnik Filmstars


SLR 58 » released February 1996

» $5.00

1. Bigot Sponger Haircut Policy 13. Albert Truman's Last XX mas
2. Tearing Apart My World 14. Sing Elvis
3. 8 sq. ft. Six Acoustic 15. Blind Painter Injured
4. Revolt Into Style 16. Raw
5. Flake 17. The Party
6. Vicious Bookseller 18. Gane's Space Nightmare
7. 50/50 Split 19. Diseaser
8. Charlie Batman 20. Gum
9. White Relief 21. Dogstar
10. Skill 22. Killing Cowboys
11. My Alter Ego 23. National Pool Drama
12. Totally Lost Control Completely  

Rising from the ashes of C86 band The Groove Farm, Beatnik Filmstars took a much spikier approach to their music. Wedding the angular punk of early Fall to the experimentalism of Pavement and Truman's Water, the Filmstars developed a sizable body of recordings over the course of the 90s that suggests an interest in both classic northern English bloody-mindedness and Yank-style indie rock. Coming on at times like the Wedding Present jamming with the Swell Maps, they weren't afraid to throw some pop music in there too.

After two excellent albums and a handful of singles for the UK label La-Di-Da, the Filmstars graced Slumberland with Beezer, a compilation of demos, single tracks and unreleased gems that neatly summarized their career up through 1996. It's a spiky, challenging mix of megaphone vocals, sudden sonic shifts, grinding guitars, flailing rhythms and occasionally a sing-along chorus somehow fighting through the dense mix. Far from your run-of-the-mill indie rock, this is bold and distinctive next-level stuff that grabs you by the scruff and shakes off any preconceptions you might have about indie.

Be sure to check out their other albums and singles on Merge and Mobstar, too -- it's all great.


A co-release with Mobstar and Zed-9.

"Sing Elvis," "Diseaser" and "Gum" appear on the CD only.

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