Nord Express


SLR 57 » released May 1997

» $6.00
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1. Promise 8. Bluebird
2. Dizzy 9. Cover
3. King 10. Walk
4. I'll Wait For You In Kansas City 11. Central
5. Twins 12. Clocky
6. Madeline 13. Lights Out
7. M. Row  

With their full album, released in May 1997, Nord Express handily delivered on the promise of their fabulous first EP, managing to stretch their songs out in all directions. An experimental edge crept into their music, showing a keen interest in dub-like dynamics and mixing that provides a fascinating counterpoint to the melancholy folk songs. It's a fascinating brand of pop, a singular vision relatively untouched by the standard indie pantheon of influences.

Mixing straight-forward folk-rock like "Dizzy" with the fuzzed-out sounds of "Clocky" and the strings/piano version of "Walk" makes for a heady brew that places as much emphasis on space and hush as strum and croon. Deep taste indeed. Central sounds just as fresh today as on the day of release, and we strongly encourage you to check out this great, unheralded band.


LP is pressed on 150g virgin vinyl.

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