Cabled Linear Traction


Cabled Linear Traction

SLR 46 » released June 1995

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1. Norfolk 11. Summers Last Annual
2. Evening Return 12. Coastal Drifting
3. untitled 13. British Radars
4. The Hay Harvest Had Special Charms 14. Church, Circular
5. An Oblique View of An Irrationally Happy Time 15. Be Nice To Everyone At All Times (With A Few Important Exceptions)
6. Small Town Prejudice 16. Finite Differences
7. Abstracting Electricity 17. Highly Competitive Cut Throat World
8. A Spell of Rain 18. Hurt
9. Fades To End A Day 19. untitled #2
10. Fashion Mistake of The Decade 20. A Thinly Veiled Excuse For Something More

Leeds, England's Hood have carved a distinctive niche for themselves in the landscape of post-rock since their beginning in 1990. Fuelled by the personal vision of brothers Richard and Chris Adams, they combine such disparate sources as loner folk, Flying Saucer Attack fuzz, Bark Psychosis dynamics, New Zealand song-writing iconoclasm (think This Kind of Punishment/Pin Group), quality pop and collage aesthetics into an exciting sonic stew. It's difficult to imagine many artists that could slot-in with such disparate souls as Alastair Galbraith, Disco Inferno or Labradford, but such is the strength of Hood's creativity and vision that it's all, as they say, "in there."

Cabled Linear Traction was originally issued in a small vinyl-only edition on Fluff in 1994. Slumberland repressed the vinyl in 1995, and the album immediately gained very favorable reviews from folks like Ptolemaic Terrascope, Melody Maker and Popwatch. Their follow-up on Slumberland, Silent '88, was considered by those in the know to be one of the best albums of 1996, and resulted in them signing to the prestigious UK label Domino.

They've since released equally well-received records on labels Earworm, 555 Recordings, Planet, Love Train and Happy-Go-Lucky, and have an excellent EP of electronic mixes out on our sister label Drop Beat.

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