Everyone Must Touch The Stove


Everyone Must Touch The Stove

SLR 44 » released September 1995

» $7.00
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1. Today's Shrug 6. Day
2. Quiet Staid Debt 7. Newsprint
3. Thigh For A Leg 8. Windmill
4. Throwaway 9. Stop What You're Doing
5. Inside The Crimelab 10. Pillar

Building on the work laid-down by their Asleep EP, Lorelei went back to the woodshed to self-record this remarkable full-length album. The songs got kinkier, the arrangements denser, the sound palette larger, the ambitions greater. Everyone Must Touch The Stove is a brave album, blending together a vast array of sounds into a bold statement of the possibilites of pop and rock, heading off in a hundred different directions at the same time, but still remaining a cohesive whole. In case you haven't guessed, we think this album rules!

The thing that strikes you about the songs on this record are the orchestrations - each track is carefully constructed from bits of noise guitar, dubby bass, thundering drums, strings, marimbas, maracas, timpani and other exotic instruments, bringing out the unique flavor of each song. The song structures are even more fragmented than before, challenging the listener to take a step back and take it all in. Even a straight-forward Wedding Present-style rocker like "Stop What You're Doing" or "Newsprint" has a twisted breakdown, a place for the players to stretch out. The overall effect is akin to an Elephant 6 band that grew up listening to Bailter Space rather than the Beach Boys - it's quite psychedelic without hewing to any 60's ideas of what that should mean.

And of course the playing is amazing. Davis' drumming is varied and powerful while still being sensitive to the songs. Stephen's bass is an awesome amalgam of dub dynamics and melliluous melodic chording, underpinning Matt's free-flying guitars with a rock-solid bottom. We could go on all day about this record (and I guess we almost have!), but if you like experimental stuff and a listening challenge, then be sure to check it out.


"Day" and "Stop What You're Doing" are only on the CD.

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