Girls Names/Weird Dreams split

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Girls Names/Weird Dreams split

SLR 176 » released July 2012

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1. Girls Names
A Troubled See
2. Weird Dreams
House of Secrets

Having released their debut album Dead To Me last year, Girls Names make a welcome return with the track, 'A Troubled See', and it provides the first proper indication of where the band will be heading with their next full length, out later this year. Hinting at a shift away from their often mis-perceived surf and indie-pop roots, Girls Names more towards something more akin to Krautrock and Psychedelia. Indeed, the band has expanded to a four-piece and has spent the last six months in virtual seclusion honing and developing a more progressive and expansive sound, feeding on the darker sides of Echo and The Bunnymen, Spacemen 3, The Birthday Party and David Bowie's Low.

Weird Dreams contribution to the split is their first new material since April's debut album, Choreography, which was lauded by Pitchfork as a "consistently rewarding, highly revelatory listen." Known for their sophisticated song craft that charts a middle ground between the twisted buzz of The Soft Boys and the pastoral vibes of Real Estate, Weird Dreams have quickly marked themselves as one of the most exciting bands on the London circuit. Their longest track to date - an almost perverse endeavor given the format it features on - 'House of Secrets' is a slow-burning, sinister lullaby, buoyed by an insistent and spidery guitar line and replete with the rich, languorous vocals characteristic of the band.


All copies on purple vinyl.

A co-release with Tough Love Records in the UK; please support your local indie label.

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