Henry's Dress

Henry's Dress

Henry's Dress

SLR 34 » released January 1995

formats » 10" vinyl/CD
status » out-of-print

1. Definitely Nothing 5. "A" Is For Cribbage
2. Title Forthcoming 6. Three
3. Sally Wants 7. Feathers
4. (You're My) Radio One 8. You Killed A Boy For Me

Henry's Dress were that rare band for us - a group that we discovered through a demo tape, and then only through the Linton's heroic perseverance in getting a very busy Papa Slumber to listen. Boy, are we glad we finally listened! This EP documents the band's middle period, branching out from their initial interests in Loop-meets-MBV pop heaviness into the more mod/punk sounds that would fuel their later efforts. It's a superb, varied record well worthy of your further investigation.

Anyway you slice it, this record is a smash. Hard-hitting tracks like "Radio One" and "Feathers" are the Dress at their punkiest best. Linton's "A Is For Cribbage" is the Dress at their most mod, coming on like an early Who on a handful of purple hearts - it's possibly our favorite Dress tune! And then of course there's "Sally Wants" and "Three" - a couple of blissed-out fuzzed-out downtempo tracks that beat the space-rockers to the punch by a few solid years.

The band would go even further down the mod/punk route with their subsequent album "Bust 'em Green," but this EP represents a raw, immediate document of a band finding their footing and their own unique sound. And best of all - it still sounds freaking great.


"Feathers" taken from split 7" with Tiger Trap (SLR 33)
"You Killed A Boy For Me" taken from Why Popstars Can't Dance vinyl lp (SLR 31)

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