Veronica Falls


SLR 186 » released March 2013

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1. Teenage
2. Talk About You

You may have had them tagged as goth-tinged pop fantasists, but with their much anticipated sophomore album Waiting For Something To Happen, Veronica Falls easily shrug off any notions of a difficult second album to create something that is easily more polished, more affecting, and more enduring than their peers could dream of making, and stake their claim as one of the most gloriously unpredictable and invaluable bands on the scene right now.

Recorded with Rory Attwell (Male Bonding, The Vaccines), Waiting For Something To Happen is a bold and deliciously assured leap forward which sees the quartet of Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, James Hoare and Marion Herbain easily throw off the tongue in cheek references to ghostly romances and suicides to elegantly distill the essence of an aimless twenty-something existence — the collective anxieties, tensions and confusion of moving from adolescence into fully fledged adulthood — into a set of immaculately conceived and perfectly wrought pop songs.

Lead-off single "Teenage" was was posted on Soundcloud in November 2012 and became an instant indiepop anthem. By popular demand we're now making "Teenage" available as a limited edition 7" single and digital download. It's the ideal encapsulation of Veronica Falls; perfectly balancing joyous melodic pop with undercurrents of sadness and adolescent yearning. The vocal harmonies are pure heaven, and the economical playing and arranging showcase a band operating at a level of skill and craft not often found in today's indiepop scene. Plainly put, "Teenage" is perfect pop and sure to be one of the finest singles of 2013.


Available through Bella Union outside of the US and Canada; please support your local indie label.

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