The Softies

The Softies

The Softies

SLR 47 » released March 1996

» $8.00

1. Snow Like This 5. Sixteen Months
2. Selfish 6. Count To Ten
3. All In Good Time 7. Postal Blue
4. Half As Much 8. Pedestal

After wrapping-up the seminal punk-pop group Tiger Trap, Rose Melberg formed a new group with her pal Jen Sbragia. Playing as duo, The Softies took a very different course from Tiger Trap, wrapping twin guitar strums around their plaintive harmonies and sad songs. Playing quietly and putting the focus back on the songs themselves was the goal, and this debut ep shows that they achieved this goal admirably.

It would be almost impossible to listen to these lovely songs and not be effected. The stripped-down nature of the recordings (no bass, no drums) lay it bare for you - the emotions are simply on display, allowing a glimpse into Rose and Jen's hearts in the finest folk tradition. Points of comparison might be The Marine Girls or The Carousel, but these dark little gems have a weight and flavor all their own. Perfect pop for a lonely, rainy day.


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