Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)

Joanna Gruesome

Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)

WISH 22 » released July 2016

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1. Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)
2. Occult Bookshop

Joanna Gruesome release their first material since the departure of vocalist Alanna McArdle and it shows the band turning the page in a most authoritative fashion. Following a chance meeting in an occult bookshop, the band's new line up features two amazing and inspiring women, Kate Stonestreet (formerly of queer punks Pennycress) on melodic vocals/shouting/screaming and Roxy Brennan (of Two White Cranes and Grubs) on melodic vocals/keyboard, joining Owen Williams (guitar/vocals), George Nicholls (guitar), Max Warren (bass) and Dave Sandford (drums).

Recorded by producer Rory Atwell on a boat in London, a statement from the band on "Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)" reads, "This song is about being pursued by intelligence operatives and is partly set in the Welsh village of Llangrannog. It is influenced by our recent U.S tour, during which the CIA took a special interest in the group's movements." On "Occult Bookshop" the band says, "This is an origin story, detailing the first meeting of the group. It is also about using astrological means to strengthen, receive and administer crushes.

Another reading suggests that the song is about attempting to destroy binary conceptions of gender through ritual hexing." Joanna Gruesome's terrific debut album "Weird Sister" took the world by storm when it was released in September 2013, going on to win the Welsh Music Prize, with the 2015 follow up "Peanut Butter" receiving similar acclaim.

The single features original artwork from Bart De Baets.


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