The Way To Heaven

Dolly Dream

The Way To Heaven

SLR 230 » released January 2019

» $7.00
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1. The Way To Heaven
2. Slip Thru Hell

Dolly Dream dwell in a cryptic space where love meets danger, and where enigmatic song can lead one to ecstasy or onto more ambiguous terrain. The dark and dreamy "The Way To Heaven" could be a lost classic from a sock hop in a David Lynch film. Featuring a stellar, heart-tugging vocal performance, the effect is rather like a ballad from a young Brenda Lee or Wanda Jackson. It's the song that made them fall in love. Says Dolly: "It's hard to make an honest love song. What's the most honest thing? Death. Lovers don't wanna think about Death. Yearning is the flip side of mourning. Yearning is the feeling of some future ghost. Dolly Dream is the sound of that ghost."

On the AA side we find an altogether more forbidding sonic journey. "Slip Thru Hell" is a phantasmal soundscape of backwards vocals, tape manipulation and near impenetrable noise. At once scarifying and compelling, there's a siren-like song straining to get out -- will you unblock your ears to hear it?


This is the black vinyl version; the color vinyl was available only as part of the SLR30 Singles Series.

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