SLR 39 » released January 1995

» $5.00

1. Ron 5. Nothing
2. Lookout 6. The Sky's Falling
3. The Sulk King 7. Walk
4. Shut Up  

Taking their cues from the mid-90s sounds coming out of the Merge and Flying Nun label camps, Belreve debuted in 1993 with one side of a split single with mates Guided By Voices. Noisy but catchy pop was the order of the day, and if you thought about The 3ds or Butterglory you would not be far off. A smashing single on Anyway followed soon after, and we liked it so much we signed them up for a single of our own.

Helmed by New Bomb Turks front man Matt Reber, Belreve represented what was really great about the best of 90s American indie rock. Melodic but not sappy and with solidly memorable songs, they were the kind of group that seemed to be springing up in every college town and putting out a sweet little 7" single. It was a fertile time, Belreve were right in there with some great tunes, and we're really happy to have brought them to you.


"Ron" and "Lookout" are the only songs on the SLR 39 Slumberland 7"

Track 3 is taken from a single split with Guided By Voices, Anyway Records
Track 4 is taken from the For Your Ears Only compilation cd, Eardrop Records
Tracks 5 & 6 are taken from a 7" single, Anyway Records
Track 7 is taken from the Cowtown Vol. 1 7" compilation, Anyway Records

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