Coming To Your Town

Chime School

Coming To Your Town

SLR 273 » released April 2023

» $8.50
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1. Coming To Your Town
2. Love You More

Following up their very well-received 2021 self-titled debut album, Chime School are back with more perfect pop, this time on the most pop of formats, the 7" single. "Coming To Your Town" was recorded while sick with COVID and rather fittingly is a feverish attempt to describe the reactionary political moment that seemed to infect the Bay Area during the pandemic. Leave it to Chime School to pen a classic 12-string jangle pop tune about the breakdown of civil society. It's not all cats and motorbikes chez Chime School! On the flip side we have the band's lovely Brighter/Field Mice-esque take of Buzzcocks' "Love You More." Originally released on the Oakland Weekender Buzzcocks covers cassette, it's available on vinyl here for the first time.


This is a co-release between Slumberland (N America, S America), Meritorio (Europe), and Fastcut (Japan). Please support your local indie label!

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