Just A Taste

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Just A Taste

SLR 8 » released March 1996

» $8.00

1. The Sugargliders
Give Me Some Confidence
10. Jupiter
2. Tender Engines
Girl From The Hinterland
11. Autohaze
3. Autohaze
Hanging Round
12. Tender Engines
Pop Song I
4. The Earthmen
Stacey's Cupboard
13. The Rainyard
1,000 Years
5. Blindside
To Be Found
14. Ripe
We're All Trying To Get There
6. Tender Engines
A Legend Never Fails
15. The Sugargliders
7. The Rainyard
Hell Bent Suicidal Over You Baby
16. Jupiter
Leave The Ground
8. The Sugargliders
Police Me
17. Afterglow
Fall Behind
9. Blindside
18. The Earthmen
Too Far Down

There was just so much great pop in the early-to-mid 90's that sometimes it's easy to forget all the names, to get lost in the back catalogs of the Sarahs and Creations and overlook the lesser-known labels that also made it happen. Australia's Summershine was one of those labels, lovingly run by Jason Reynolds and dedicated to releasing classic pop records. They succeeded admirably, putting out single after single of amazing pop and making it look so easy. And he's still at it, with groups like Birdie and The Steinbecks.

The 18 songs on this lovely compilation are drawn from the first 30 or so Summershine releases, and include loads of rarities and unreleased cuts. Almost all the tracks are unavailable elsewhere on CD, making this disc an essential introduction to the varied pleasures of this fine label. It's hard to know where to start: the three Sugargliders songs are rare-as-hen's-teeth and of course brilliant. The Orchids-ish folk-pop of The Rainyard and Tender Engines still sounds great today, up there with all our favorite Sarah releases. The shoegaze drone of Jupiter is pure bliss, and the Ride-style loud-pop of Afterglow and Blindside makes a splendid racket. Autohaze and The Earthmen rock out, too, adding a dose of Dinosaur flavor.

It's a great mix of sounds, and a perfect snapshot of the state of mid-90's pop.

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