What Kind of Heaven Do You Want?

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What Kind of Heaven Do You Want?

DRYL 1 » released December 1989

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. Velocity Girl
2. Black Tambourine
Pam's Tan
3. Powderburns

Fired-up by The Jesus & Mary Chain, C-86 and the Lower East Side noise scene, a bunch of record collector geeks in suburban Maryland decided to give it a shot themselves. The result was this home-recorded document of ineptitude, hope and enthusiasm. You could say we didn't know any better, but that makes it sound like an accident.

This is history, my friends. Velocity Girl had just taken on that name, and still rocked a two-bassist line-up featuring Bridget Cross and Berny Grindel. Black Tambourine had never actually played with singer Pam, they just wrote letters, planned and went ahead and recorded. Powerderburns, well, they just went berserk and let the tape roll.


Limited to 1,000 copies, all with some manner of hand-coloring.

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