Til Another Time

Linda Smith

Til Another Time

SLR 16 » released November 1993

» $3.00

1. Til Another Time
2. I Just Had To
3. In This

Baltimore's Linda Smith was in a great NYC folk band called The Woods who released one excellent single on Kurt Ralske's Justine label. She then took her unique folk aesthetic home and embarked on a series of lovely home-recorded cassettes on her own Preference label that sacrficed nothing in songwriting quality or emotional impact to their lo-fi hominess.

A three song single on Harriet drawn from those tapes only reinforced the strength of Linda's vision, a unique bastion of classicist songcraft with as much in common with Magnetic Fields as the artists on Xpressway and Shrimper. We were excited to sign her up for the great little ep and think you'll enjoy its minimalist strum as much as we do.

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