Maybe It's Better


Maybe It's Better

DRYL 11 » released February 1992

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. Maybe It's Better
2. Christmas

Though they were primarily about noise and aggression, there were always some Whorl songs that looked to The Velvet Underground and Galaxie 500 for melodic inspiration. As the years went by and their playing improved, it felt natural to explore those tendencies further. Bassist Rob moved to guitar for "Maybe It's Better," which shows one side of this evolution in it's Flying Nun-esque folk strum. It's perhaps Whorl's catchiest moment. "Christmas" on the flip is a shoegaze epic that dissolves into a code of feedback and repetition.

The band didn't last much past the release of this record, with Brian leaving to join Velocity Girl and Rob exiting to move onto quieter projects in Baltimore, culminating in Nord Express.


Mail order copies were pressed on white vinyl.

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