Why Popstars Can't Dance

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Why Popstars Can't Dance

SLR 31 » released October 1994

formats » CD
status » out-of-print

1. HoneyBunch
Walking Into Walls
13. The Ropers
Blue Sunday
2. HoneyBunch
Time Trials
14. The Ropers
3. The Artisans
Start Again  [mp3]
15. Linda Smith
The Real Miss Charlotte
4. The Artisans
16. Linda Smith
There's Nothing You Can Do About It
5. Rocketship
You And Your New Boyfriend
17. Glo-Worm
Stars Above
6. Rocketship
Like A Dream
18. Glo-Worm
7. The Steamkings
Darkest Star  [mp3]
19. Jupiter Sun
Headlight Beam Reaction
8. The Steamkings
Sad About You
20. Jupiter Sun
Violet Intertwine
9. Stereolab
John Cage Bubblegum
21. Jane Pow
Reorganise  [mp3]
10. Stereolab
Eloge d'Eros
22. Boyracer
Right Back Where I Started
11. Lorelei
Stop What You're Doing
23. Boyracer
12. Lorelei
Float My Bed

The double-vinyl edition of this album has a substantially different track listing.

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