I Lie Awake

Cause Co-Motion!

I Lie Awake

SLR 83 » released September 2008

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1. I Lie Awake
2. You Don't Say
3. Cry For Attention

Following a series of increasingly rad singles on labels like What's Yr Rupture? and the band's own Can't Cope, Cause Co-Motion! bring their patented reverb-happy pop to Slumberland and it just fits like a glove.

Like their previous records, I Lie Awake is produced to crash-boom-bang perfection by Tim Barnes (Rogers Sisters, Sonic Youth). A blazing chaos of jangle, clatter, and thump - busted strings and broken hearts. Hummable tunes to scratch that TVPs/Pastels/Comet Gain itch, with more than a dash of 14 Iced Bears and Desperate Bicycles in there too. Three doses of pure DIY pop pleasure, straight from the garage to your ears, feet and heart.

Cause Co-Motion! have been playing at gigs and parties around NYC and across the country since 2002, sharing stages with folks like Love Is All, Tyvek and Vivian Girls while developing their unique sound and a rabid, enthusiastic group of fans. I Lie Awake might be their most concentrated blast yet, and is an ideal taster for the compilation CD featuring all of the bands singles, due out on Slumberland later this fall.


Comes in snazzy 4-color fold-out sleeve. All three songs will be on the It's Time! compilation CD.

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