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current podcast:

I Smiled Yesterday #2 » posted Apr 13, 2008

by I Smiled Yesterday

Team ISY believes that springtime is for DANCING!


Team ISY believes that BEAUTY counts for more than fidelity!

Team ISY thanks Dan at Acute for the SPRING-CLEANED Lines song!

Team ISY exhorts you to BUY "Memory Span" by The Lines in May!

Team ISY wants to make FRIENDS:

Team ISY thanks YOU for listening!

  1. Richard Temple "That Beatin' Rhythm" ("Mirwood Soul Story", Kent Records)

  2. Oscar and The Majestics "Got To Have Your Lovin'" ("I'm Gonna Stay", Teenage Shutdown Records)

  3. The Come Ons "It's Alright" ("Hip Check", Sympathy For The Record Industry)

  4. Biff Bang Pow "It Makes You Scared" ("Creation Soup", Creation Records)

  5. caUSE co-MOTION! "Don't You Know" (7", Can't Cope! Records)

  6. Bette Davis and The Balconettes "0898" (7", Damaged Goods Records)

  7. Boys Club "Nothing Better To Do" ("2-D World", Bachelor Records)

  8. The Mourning Reign "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (7", Sundazed Records)

  9. Dorothy Berry "Ain't That Love" ("Fillies of Soul", Titanic Records)

  10. The Bristols "Questions I Can't Answer" (7", Damaged Goods Records)

  11. Etta James "Seven Day Fool" ("Just Keep on Dancing - Chess Northern Soul", Kent Records)

  12. Marv Johnson "With All That's In Me" ("Come Go With Us", Goldmine Soul Supply)

  13. Danny White "Keep My Woman Home " ("Kent's Cellar of Soul", Kent Records)

  14. Emperor Julian "Free Product" (7", Piao! Records)

  15. The Lines "White Night" (7", "White Night", Illegal Records)

  16. The Pill "Bloody Murder" (split 7" with Lucky Tiger, Super 8 Underground)

  17. The Terraplanes "The Man With The Spiked Toed Shoes" ("Terraplane Fixation", Messthetics Records)

  18. The Rondelles "Revenge" (7", K Records)

  19. Felt "I Will Die With My Head In Flames" ("Creation Soup", Creation Records)

  20. The Delmontes "So It's Not To Be" ("Carousel", LTM)

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