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The None More Twee Bubblepunksoul Dance Party » posted Jan 26, 2010

by Tim Sendra of None More Twee

Over at None More Twee, we usually talk about the latest and greatest indie pop around but for this mix, I went back to the roots of twee for a big chunk of bubblegum, added some soul, some crazed glam rock, a few novelty tunes (can never get enough of those) and a track from my favorite punk band, then mixed it up for maximum dance party effectiveness.

  1. Rick Springfield - We're Gonna Have A Good Time
    This early 7T'z rocker comes from an album you need to track down called Mission Magic. I think I've started every mix of the past five years or so with this song.

  2. Andy Kim - You Got Style
    AK may have been a total Neil Diamond wanna-be, but sometimes he equalled his idol. Like here, for example.

  3. Tommy Roe - Cinnamon
    Nothing but love for T-Roe. He's the patron saint of NMT. One listen to this track and you'll know why.

  4. Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band - Feeling So Good (Skooby Doo)
    Super groovy cover of the Archies' classic by a guy who made some great bubblesoul jams but is also a trained hypnotist and Peter Noone's brother in-law.

  5. Sylvie Vartan - Garde Moi Dans Ta Poche
    She totally destroys the Four Tops' "I Can't Help Myself" with a piledriver beat and some surprisingly tough vocalizing. Check the recent collection on Rev-Ola for more awesome Vartan sounds.

  6. Little Eva - Get Ready/Uptight
    More than a one-hit wonder, Little Eva made some killer records and this is the best of them. Makes me wish someone had signed her to Motown or Stax.

  7. The Osmonds - Down By The Lazy River
    Yeah, the Osmonds! Don't laugh until you hear this jam. It's cheesy but the good kind of cheese, the kind they give out as samples in grocery stores that you can't stop eating even though the staff keeps giving you dirty looks.

  8. Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable
    Dutronc is a heavy dude and when he gets down to rocking, he's gonna rock you for reals.

  9. The Messengers - That's The Way A Woman Is
    Amazing bubblegum rocker on Motown of all places.

  10. The Equals - My Life Ain't Easy
    Eddy Grant? Eddy Grant! The Equals have few equals when it comes to hard rocking bubblesoul. Few equals...geez.

  11. Lulu - Love Loves To Love Love
    Lulu doesn't get much credit for tearing shit up but she really could. This track features some great Jimmy Page studio weirdness.

  12. Honeybus - The Breaking Up Scene
    My heroes Comet Gain borrowed some of this song for "Villain" way back on Casino Classics. The Honeybus version has some hot guitar action and a footstomping beat. Which is weird because the rest of their output consisted of heartbreakingly beautiful orchestrated pop that's almost on par with the Left Banke.

  13. Mud - Tiger Feet
    You haven't really lived until you've seen the Top of the Pops clip of Mud performing this song. It's like a four minute lecture on why rock & roll is so glorious, only it's way more fun than that. Even without the visuals this song should bring your party to a fever pitch.

  14. The Saints - Do the Robot
    Sometimes people forget that punk rock could be a hell of a lot of fun. Most of the Saints tracks are as serious as death, but this song is a good time jam.

  15. Bobby Freeman - C'mon And Swim
    It's the middle of winter here in Michigan but I reflexively reached for my swimsuit when this track came on. Bobby's just so persuasive!

  16. The Revillos - Scuba Scuba
    If these guys had ever played on a bill with the B52's, it would have been one of the greatest nights in pop history. The only pairing I can think of that would be better is the Archies and the Banana Splits.

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