slumberland podcast: crucial selections from Papa Slumber and associates.

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current podcast:

Kitchen Sounds #3 » posted Oct 17, 2009

by Kitchen Sounds

Stew is back with another smashing selection of punk/DIY/pop classics and rarities. Unfuckwithable!

  1. THE BACHELOR PAD country pancake (live. - from the "Frying Tonight" 7inch EP, Egg Records, 1989

  2. SPARKLE MOORE skull and crossbones - Fraternity Records 7inch, 1956

  3. THE BUFF MEDWAYS archive from 1959 - from the 3 X LP "Archived From 1959", Damaged Goods, 2009

  4. SOFT PAWS desperate idealism - from the self titled, self released debut LP, 2009 available from

  5. THE MAGGOTS lets get, lets get Tammy Wyynette - from the 7inch EP reiusse on Discourage Records, 2007

  6. AMY AND THE ANGELS i hate being in love - from the compilation LP "Making Waves", Girlfriend Records 1980.

  7. BEATNIK FILMSTARS crushed - from the 7inch on Satisfaction Records, 2009

  8. JOSEF K heart of song - from the LP "Young And Stupid/Endless Soul", Supreme International Editions, year unknown

  9. CRABSTICK treacle - from the LP "Discoverooster", 555 recs 2001.

  10. THE MONKS pretty suzanne - from the "Black Monk Time" double LP reiusse on Light In The Attic Recs, 2009.

  11. KIRSTY AND THE HUSBANDS sitting in a disco - from "8 from 80" 7inch EP, Matchbox Classics 1980.

  12. THE HOMOSEXUALS slow guns - from the 10inch EP "Love Guns?" on Serious Business Records, 2008.

  13. LUSTY GHOSTS doing the undoing - from the Cassette "Lusty Ghosts Two" on Refill Records, 1981.

  14. ELVIS COSTELLO change partners - from the double LP "Secret Profane and Sugarcane" on Speciality Records, 2009.

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