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The Sound of Rain » posted Aug 11, 2007

by The Brogues

Summer 2007's been a total write-off weather-wise so when I should've paddling on Troon beach, a melting double nougat in hand, I've been stomping around my living room to The Undecided? spitting out teen revenge and to A Sunny Day In Glasgow's collossal reverb attack. When I should've been throwing shapes like Ronaldo on the unforgiving blaze of Kelvingrove Park I've been sipping tea and swooning to the gently marvellous debut albums from Taken By Trees and California Snow Story. When I should've been watching the sun paint the sky with oranges and purples as it sets over Arran, I've had the curtains drawn and my eyes closed as I try to remember if anyone has done a better version of a Dan Treacy song than The Nomen's take on "Mysterious Ways". Aye ... it's been a glorious summer! I hope you enjoy listening to "The Sound of Rain" and if anything excites you please, please, please *BUY* the record. Reward the people who are making, releasing and distributing the beautiful music: they deserve your support!

  1. Faine Jade - It Ain't True (from "Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital", Sundazed, 2007)
  2. Sister Vanilla - The Two Of Us (from "Little Pop Rocks", P-Vine, 2005)
  3. Taken By Trees - Lost And Found (from "Open Field", Rough Trade, 2007)
  4. The Daughters of Eve - Help Me Boy (from "Girls With Guitars", Ace, 2004)
  5. Agent Simple - I Can't Think Of Anything (from 7" on Fridlyst, 2007)
  6. The Royal We - Poor Old Soul (from the Postcard tribute 7" split with 1990s, Hitherto, 2007)
  7. The Airfields - Nowhere Left To Go (from "Laneways ep", Humblebee Recordings, 2006)
  8. Thomas and Richard Frost - The City (from "Visualize", Rev-ola, 2002)
  9. California Snow Story - Suddenly Everything Happens (from "Close To The Ocean", Letterbox Records, 2007)
  10. The Nomen - Mysterious Ways (from "I Would Write A Thousand Words: A Tribute To Television Personalities Volume 2", The Beautiful Music, 2007)
  11. Zouzou - Il Est Parti Comme Il Etait Venu (from "L'integrale", BMG, 2005)
  12. Carol Friday - Gone Tomorrow (from "Beat Chic", RPM Records, 2007)
  13. The Undecided? - You're Gonna Cry (from "Mind Blowers", Past & Present Records, 2002)
  14. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - A Mundane Phonecall To Jack Parsons (from "Scribble Music Comic Journal", Notenuf Records, 2007)
  15. Metrotone - My Own Writing (from "Kiss Me Awake", Unlabel, 2006)

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