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I Smiled Yesterday #4 » posted Aug 19, 2008

by I Smiled Yesterday

Untouchable Sound:
The Sound of Young Sweden
The Sound of Philadelphia
The Sound of Young America
The Sound of Young Scotland
The Sound of The Hit Parade
  Sound of Confusion

  1. Sandy Waddy "Everything Is Everything" (Dancing 'til Dawn, Kent)

  2. Lindy Lane "Low Grades and High Fever" (Girls in the Garage Vol. 2, Romulan)

  3. The Barbaras "Summertime Road" (7", Goner)

  4. The Elektras "Nous Sommes Les Elektras" (7", Bachelor)

  5. Sounds Unlimited "Gotta Get Away" (7", Sundazed)

  6. The Yummy Fur "Hong Kong in Stereo" (Kinky Cinema, Guided Missile)

  7. Sarandon "Pin Up" (The Miniest Album 7", Banazan)

  8. Finally Punk "Environmentality (7", ABL)

  9. The Barcelona Pavillion "Masters of Our Feelings" (Pain Is All You'll Find 3" cdep, Blocks Recording Club)

  10. Psychic Ills "Killers" (7", Social Registry)

  11. Catatonic Youth "Control My Gun" (7", Almost Ready)

  12. The Bush Tetras "Can't Be Funky" (New York Noise Vol. 1, Soul Jazz)

  13. Fire Engines "Discord" (Aufgeladen Und Bereit Fur Action Und Spass, Fast Product America)

  14. Always "Heaven" (Thames Valley Leather Club, El)

  15. Rodger Collins "She's Looking Good" (Moaning, Grooning, Crying: A Galaxy of Soul, Kent)

  16. The 5 Royals "Catch That Teardrop" (Birth of Soul Vol. 4, Kent Records)

  17. The Action "Baby You've Got It" (Action Packed, Demon)

  18. Tree Fort Angst "Trampoline" (Knee Deep In The Rococo Excess Of..., Bus Stop)

  19. The Vultures "What I Say" (Good Thing 12", Narodnik)

  20. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart "Come Saturday" (Searching For The Now Vol. 4 7", Slumberland)

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