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Call the Girls Around 5 O'Clock » posted Jun 23, 2007

by DJ In the Manner of a Leprechaun

Those who know him or have tuned into his broadcasts as DJ In the Manner of a Leprechaun on Berkeley's KALX radio know that Andrew Crabapple's love for scratchy pop 7"s is only matched by his enthusiasm for a wide range of electronic dance music, from acid house to old skool jungle to his current obsession, minimal techno. Now living in London, he sends us this transmission from the front lines of the European minimal scene, with a few nods to the pop kids in the form of a disco re-edit of the Canadian post-punk nugget "Swimming" and Frankfurt's own Morane. There's something in this one for everybody, so hurry up and get downloading!

  1. Untitled (For Disco Only 430U, DE)
  2. Theo Parrish - Twisted Friskie Biscuits (Sound Signature, US)
  3. Martha and the Muffins - Swimming (Leprechaun Disco Edit) (Dindisc/Unreleased, CA)
  4. Cassy - Somelightuntothenight (Beatstreet, DE)
  5. Beck - Cellphone's Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix) (White Label)
  6. Donnacha Costello - 6x6 (Minimise, IE)
  7. Baby Ford & Zip - The Riverbed (Perlon, DE)
  8. Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Magda's "Where's My Baby's Daddy" Mix) (M_nus, CA)
  9. Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix) (Skull Disco, UK)
  10. Niederflur - Din (M_nus, CA)
  11. Morane - Electric Pilot Girl (More Down Than Out, DE)

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