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Pegcast #1 » posted Apr 21, 2009

by Peggy Wang

Hi! I'm Peggy from the Pains and this is a mix I made. Here are some notes: I couldn't decide which Gregory Webster non-Razorcuts song I wanted to use, but this Saturn V song is one I discovered on a Vinyl Japan comp. It's so slacker 90s indie rock sounding. Also, there's a Smashing Pumpkins song that is the b-side to my favorite SP song ever, "1979." James Iha sings it and I'm pretty sure it was recorded on a 4-track. A guy I met on AOL put this on a tape for me when I was in high school and I loved it to death back then. Further is another band that I loved in high school, I need to track down the song that's on the My So-Called Life soundtrack. The Conny song is from an album called "This Is Love" of Swedish bands covering Haddaway's "What is Love" which I highly recommend. Well, for anyone who loves cheesy early nineties dance jams as much as me. Anyway, sorry if there are too many gross love songs on here. Ew!

  1. Triffids "Stand Up"

  2. Further "Teenage Soul"

  3. Spinning Jennys "I'd Laugh If Your Head Exploded"

  4. The Dentists "I Had an Excellent Dream"

  5. Yummy Fur "The Career Saver"

  6. Teenage Fanclub "So Far Gone" (Peel Session)

  7. Saturn V "Machine-Gun Head"

  8. Proclaimers "Then I Met You"

  9. Ninth Arena "The Room"

  10. Scars "All About You"

  11. Girlboy Girl "Feeder"

  12. Age of Chance "Everlasting Yeah"

  13. Television Personalities "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night"

  14. Smashing Pumpkins "The Boy"

  15. Cherry Smash "Nowhere Generation"

  16. The Sundays "My Finest Hour"

  17. Mari Wilson "Stop and Start"

  18. Conny "What Is Love"

  19. Grab Grab the Haddock "Last Fond Goodbye"

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