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Running A Temperature Revival » posted Nov 01, 2009

by Chuk Amok

Running a Temperature Revival is not a podcast, a mix, set, session, cassette, or cd-r. It is a correspondence from one person to several, however many, or few. Not to be numbered or finite, but dated for it's place in time and unclear how strong and for how long this communique can endure. 10 songs (no more, no less) appropriated from their original composers and pieced together into an interpretive narrative as told from the rooftops of Brooklyn to any number of unique and diverse geographic locales, and the climates they inhabit. Back to basics.

  1. The Birthday Party - 'The Friend Catcher' (Live 1981-'82. 4AD)

  2. EDMX - 'You Can't Hide Your Love (Hidden Love Mix)' (26 Mixes For Cash (Aphex Twin), Warp)

  3. Bo Diddley - 'Pollution' (Another Dimension, Chess)

  4. Les Rallizes Dénudés - 'Black Sad Straw Raincoat' (High or Die, bootleg)

  5. Sugarbelly - 'Shake Up Adinah' (Sugar Merengue, Port-O-Jam)

  6. The Liverbirds - 'Leave All Your Old Loves' (Star Club Show Vol. 4, Star Club)

  7. Bogshed - 'Can't Be Beat' (Step On It, Shelfish)

  8. The Honeymoon Killers - 'Fonce a Mort' (Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel, Crammed)

  9. Tracy Thorne - 'Seascape' (A Distant Shore, Cherry Red)

  10. Art Ensemble of Chicago - 'Bye Bye Baby' (Certain Blacks, America)

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