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Kitchen Sounds #1 » posted Jul 27, 2008

by Kitchen Sounds

Just the thought of what the Boyracer family's record collection must look like brings a tear to my eye. If i had a nickel for every great record Stew's turned me onto, I'd have enough money to catch up on the Searching For The Now series. This is Jen and Stew's first podcast, and I think you'll find it to be beyond enlightening. Exotic DIY pop singles and tapes rain down like manna, and Mr & Mrs 'Racer drop informative chat between the tunes to keep you scurrying for the notepad. Ace stuff. Write them and let them know how much you dig it.

  1. BILLY CHILDISH art or arse

  2. CAIRO i like bluebeat

  3. LIAM LYNCH whatever

  4. SCARS horrorshow

  5. DESPERATE BICYCLES smokescreen

  6. URBAN SLAKE so fucking swedish

  7. BRIGHT LIGHTS g.g.p.

  8. HOOD left channel down, who needs enemies?

  9. THE PETTICOATS normal

  10. MOTORCYCLE BOY peel session track

  11. THE SAVLONS and whats more

  12. MURPHY FEDERATION the fed up skank

  13. ESMERELDAS KITE demo track

  14. GIRLS AT OUR BEST getting nowhere fast

  15. DISTURBED betrayed

  16. THE CLOUDS jenny nowhere

  17. XTC spiral

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