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i will treasure you » posted Dec 16, 2008

by This Almighty Pop!

I was going to try and be hip and fill this up with obscure bands but instead opted for the happening right now bands so here is a selection of my favourite songs of the moment, I hope you enjoy some if not all of them.


  1. Lets Whisper - Dylan's Song- this is the side project of Dana and Colin from The Smittens and it can be found on the more than excellent WeePop! label. (

  2. A Classic Education - Wartimes - were the stars of last summer's indie tracks festival. This is from the bands' self released 12" single. (

  3. Blackflower - Summer Has Changed - is from their debut album You and Me, which is most played LP of the year, two of them are from Darlington only 7 miles from where I am sitting. (

  4. Countryside - Summer Is Here - were a band I saw play a majestic set in the church at my first indie tracks in '07. They have also just said yes to putting out this song on my record label. (

  5. Les Cox (sportifs) - Dresden - are another special band who are still a bit of a secret at the moment but hopefully not for much longer. This song is from their debut album Neverheed. (

  6. Phil Wilson - White Night - who kindly let me release an e.p. by him on my label, but this is from an e.p. called New Wave on the German Edition 59 label which has just been released, you should also pick up 2 x 7" Industrial Strength on Slumberland if you haven't already. (

  7. Play People - Meet Me Saturday - this from a CD e.p. on Cloudberry who are also about to release the bands' first vinyl single called "Goes Out" which is even better than this song. (

  8. Moira Stewart - We Still Live With Our Parents - A band you really should see live at least once, if only to hear their perfect version of "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher," that I want to release on my label, but I haven't asked them yet. (

  9. Withered Hand - I Am Nothing - Scottish popstars who surely would have had a place on 53rd and 3rd if they were born 20 years sooner. (

  10. The Middle Ones - Goodnight Song - another indie tracks encounter brought this band to my attention, they giggled like giddy kippers during their performance in the church, reminding me of Kathryn Williams and The Marine Girls, which has got to a good thing. (

  11. Horowitz - I Was The Son Of A Teenage Comicbook Superhero's Trusty Sidekick - Nearly every band I like seems to have some sort of IndieTracks connection and I make no secret of the fact that that is where I first fell in love with Horowitz's lo-fi grooviness. The fact that Pete was also the ball boy behind the goal in the 1973 FA cup final when Ian Porterfield scored Sunderland's winner against Leeds United makes me love them even more. This song is from their recently released CD e.p. on Edition 59. (

  12. Kuma - My Name Is Kuma - This is also from a CD on WeePop! If listening to this song doesn't make you smile and dance nothing will. (

  13. The Catalysts - The Girl From New York - This is Ulric from The Mixers and The Golden Dawn, as good as those bands were, The Catalysts are now my favourites. This on the Ulric's own Spirophone label. (

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